lyrics Official HIGE DANdism - Yesterday

Singer: Official HIGE DANdism
Lyrics: Satoshi Fujiwara
Composer: Satoshi Fujiwara

I'll show you how many times I lost
After the rain-your smile like a sky with a rainbow
For example, at the cost of you can cloud someone's expression
The bad guy is just me

I really want to be caring for everyone
But I have to throw away such a loose ideal here

How far can I survive the fears aimed at you far away?
Yesterday who is worried about the public body with a doubt
This scared hand in my pocket remains unforgettable

I said, "I can't help getting hurt."
Look down, you spilled, fleeting, slimy tears
Even a single grain is n’t bad for me
It was too much to drown and lose reason

Neither the horn nor the siren of the city reach

Proceed far ahead, if it's too selfish love, even if the world points from behind
I'll go ahead and turn to you
Pretend not to notice even the SOS heard on the way

I'm sorry I'm sorry but I'm going
Even me who is different from my longing
Only one person, you alone, wanted the strength to protect
Now in this hand

Proceed a long way to love that is too young
Even if the world points from behind
Proceed without hesitation Advance へ To the space of only two people
Now take you out with your hands shaking in your pocket

I do not know the future, so my gaze does not stop
Mysterious expression technique-meaningful your temper

Even when I Love You is likely to be blown away by the wind
I'm clumsy but I'm connected
Beyond the rainbow

何度失ったって 取り返してみせるよ
雨上がり 虹がかかった空みたいな君の笑みを
例えばその代償に 誰かの表情を曇らせてしまったっていい


遥か先で 君へ 狙いを定めた恐怖を どれだけ僕ははらい切れるんだろう?
半信半疑で 世間体 気にしてばっかのイエスタデイ

「何度傷ついたって 仕方ないよ」と言って
うつむいて 君がこぼした 儚くなまぬるい涙
ただの一粒だって 僕を不甲斐なさで
溺れさせて 理性を奪うには十分過ぎた


遥か先へ進め 身勝手すぎる恋だと 世界が後ろから指差しても
振り向かず進め 必死で 君の元へ急ぐよ

バイバイイエスタデイ ごめんね 名残惜しいけど行くよ
ただ1人だけ 君だけ 守るための強さを 何よりも望んでいた

遥か先へ進め 幼すぎる恋だと
迷わずに進め 進め 2人だけの宇宙へと

未来の僕は知らない だから視線は止まらない
謎めいた表現技法 意味深な君の気性

アイラブユーさえ 風に 飛ばされそうな時でも
不器用ながら繋いだ この手はもう決して離さずに